I started to miss you today.

Then I started to think what was I missing.
The thoughts became cloudy the deeper my thoughts fell.
My consciousness started to mourn, but uncertainty kicked in to draw me to reality.
Why am I missing someone who made my heart an option, when they were my only option?
I kept trying to miss you because my heart feels like I do.
Why miss you when we were on two different pages in my book?
We never co-wrote anything, it was always you with them, and me left in chapters behind.
Nevermind what I had to say or what I felt only your words in your book mattered.
I started missing you today.
I thought of every single moment in a flash the good, the bad ,and the unforgettable. Oh how quickly I have been forgotten in you.
Nothing ever matters take that back all of your good is glorified. I never been good to you let you and them tell it, because it’s always been that way and I get left many chapters behind.
I started missing you today, and then I stopped because that was actually yesterday. HonestlyFrank


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