Round Trip



I was lead to believe we had only one destination in mind. That place called Paris where as soon as you land love consumes you. 

So I got a one way ticket with no plans of returning; I was under the impression that yours said one way too. It bothered me when I didn’t see you check your bags in for baggage claim to take. I kept smiling as I took my seat. I looked down the aisle time and time again. I saw someone who looked like you, but it wasn’t you.

My heart grew anxious as the plane door closed. I asked the attendant to wait. Please mam’ he’s coming, I know he is this is all we’ve dreamt’ of doing, he wouldn’t leave me alone like this. She kindly asked me to take my seat as she turned the final lock.

She asked me your name and I softly with pain in my throat said it to her. She came back to tell me ” mam’ your lover won’t be joining you his ticket was round trip to somewhere else”.

I couldn’t believe my ears because the pieces of my heart shattering was drowning her out completely. You took a round trip on my heart, and you couldn’t even face me to tell me. How pathetic are you to never tell me I was going for good and you were returning for someone else?  I hope that round trip is worth the experience. As the plane took off and I looked out the window behind I left you, and the memories behind I won’t be making another trip back to you.-HonestlyFrank


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