I inhale the smell of the rain as it’s falling from the sky to the ground. Everyone around me is running for shelter, but I need this. I have been dragged through the mud and worse, because I don’t know how to be grounded. I want the rain to wash it all away. 

A fella stopped and put an umbrella over me to escort me inside, but I politely declined. He went on to ask what am I doing just standing in the rain? I said my pain is infecting my soul, and the only thing that can cure it is the rain that’s falling here. He lowered his umbrella, and said I will stand here with you then.

Rainbows began to appear as the rain slowed down. I felt the urge to touch the fella next to me. As I reached for him the rain stopped and he was gone, alone I was with my pain washing away in hopes of starting a new day. -HonestlyFrank


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