It’s amazing how you can tell me all these things with such certainty in your eyes. Who knew that they were only temporary lies? When you are high you’re soaring, and when the climax is reached it dawns on the creek that it was all in the moment. Who cares about the innocent soul when it feels exhilarating to you? I take that no one cares.  I can bear some of the things stated, but you bring it in like I should be thankful you silver plated it. I only dream in gold so I am always digging for more. I see why most come and go, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t stay. I just don’t want the wrong someone to stay and be mistaken for gold; when they are only bronze. I don’t think you are really sure of anything. I know I am more than just anything, because I will be someone’s everything.-HonestlyFrank


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  1. larhonda says:

    love it


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