Sex At It’s Finest


This could all be so simple we could just go that far to the point of no return, because the damage would be done. The horripilation is so surreal. We haven’t done it before, but I can imagine what that scene would look like. Let’s take a moment to picture our lips gliding softly against each other as smooth as silk, your hands caressing my body which is as soft as rose petals, my nails digging into your back carving every truth in that timing of pleasure,your pelvis conjoining with mine, and from there you sliding in on my island, and in that final thrust we’ve just reached the peak of my mountain. All of these thoughts came to mind just with the thought of you. I want you deeper though, I want to feel you in my soul even when you’re not in my presence. This has to be like no other. So instead make all of that physical love to my mind, know my ins and outs, every second on this earth with me counts. I know I’m more than what meets the eyes, so are you. Get deeper in me climax my heart with the choice to wait. Let’s wait til all of this makes sense, let’s wait until the physical sounds of our moans are just the rainfall in a desert, this has to be blessed so we can’t allow ourselves to make a mess.-HonestlyFrank


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  1. Heavy Heart says:

    Reading this was like you read my text messages between me and my significant other. However you are right it needs to be blessed because otherwise it becomes messy. I dealing with that now. Awesome blog enjoy reading this daily and going back to re-read some to.


  2. larhonda says:

    uhmmmm, I have to tell you the beginning made me cringe a little knowing this is my Lil pumpkin but then the second part allowed me to exhale and realize although you will forever be my baby girl you are also a grown maturing young lady ugh lol . in the words of drake I get it I get it lol

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