Condescending Thoughts


All of this is going to come off as condescending and that’s fine by me. You pessimist of a person. You wouldn’t know a love as real as this if it was standing in your God Damn face. Take a million steps back, but you’ve done more than that already. I can’t give a flying pig fuck about what this was, could’ve been or more. Sweet baby you’re going to go so far, chuckles in my throat as I sip this tea of pure prosperity. You have goals, please don’t mind this smirk on my face when you tell me she’s the one. She’s the one alright, you love leaches don’t you? She’s reaping all the benefits while you climb your life away. I guess I was too much for you, too many opinions, too much ambition, too much independence, too quick on my feet. No need for me to go on. Go ahead tell them I used, I abused and never valued you. I know the truth and the truth is bullshit just wasn’t tolerated on a throne where this queen in me sits. Forgive me that I feel the need to rant I guess my heart was glued up with a few open cracks. Tell her what I think of her, or I can if you’d like. Tell her what you really thought of her as a person, don’t sugar coat it for her. I know somewhere in your damn body has to be atleast one honest bone. But I believe you’ll be just fine; sure you will.-HonestlyFrank


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