Enchanted Gardens of Love


This is an enchanted forest that you will never forget. Wander through and seek and I promise you will find. Me, myself, and I being the forbidden fruit. Once you find me close your eyes I’ll take you higher than a million stars. Here in my forest you’ll never die of thirst. You’ll never go hungry in this enchanted lust. I’ll attack all of your senses one by one. I’ll explore every cell of your body. Stand still as my tongue traces your spine, grab my curly hair tight as I go downtown, inhale my vanilla aroma as you’re gasping for air. Do you feel me yet? Open your eyes now I magically turned into your Eve standing bare for you to see. Lay me on this bed of flowers as you would a new born, climb on top of me and lower yourself slowly you have to savor the taste of my fruit. Slide in deep and feel my warmth as you’re digging for my soul, grip my thighs when the clinch between my legs is that intense. Bring your ears closer to my mouth, do you hear me yet? As you force, I sing and as I sing the wilderness joins in. This is all for you, did you cum yet?-HonestlyFrank


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  1. Heavy Heart says:

    Where were you when my significant other was alive these are words I would have love to tell him vs the words I used. I look forward to loving again and pray I can love to the fullest. Your words just seem to flow natural and most women would probably agree with me about your poems. I can’t wait to read the next one. Wow is all I can really say Loved it.

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    1. Thank you heavy heart for you kind words, I am delighted to express my thoughts with you all, and find comfort in the fact you all can relate in some way of another. People like you are the reason I write. So as long as you’re reading I WILL CONTINUE TO WRITE!- HonestlyFrank


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