Miles Away

small townSomewhere in a little town we took a drive by a hospital where you made a statement of how you spent a lot of nights there that went unnoticed. We checked into a motel that you spent the most significant moment in. We returned to our home as if nothing was wrong with any of the views we saw. Miles and miles in this car with you with all my personal thoughts and wonders of why? I remember that day we played car games on our way home to pass the time. That should’ve been the best time of our lives. You let a flat tire ruin the journey instead of filling it with air. You let a hitchhiker boot me out of the passenger seat to only murder you with no warning. You don’t deserve that E class Mercedes Benz, you don’t understand the maintenance it needs to last. That Honda Accord fits you just fine I’m assuming where you play taxi to the undeserving. How many times do you plan to let that one particular hitchhiker rob you, and kill you? I stood there in your rear view mirror as you both drove away. All I could think was you deserve every stab that hitchhiker gives you. You didn’t understand why I was a button pusher, but I wanted to figure out all the functions. You left before I could.- HonestlyFrank


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