Live Streaming

live-streamingHere’s where I pour all of me out to you.

Don’t think that I never found you worthy of being loved. You just don’t have a clue of all the inner conflicts I had to fight for you.

I had a lot happening within that I just couldn’t justify.

I loved you enough to show you that I was capable of more.

We went round for round, and it was always worth the fight to me. You knew my fears inside and out you nailed me down to the “T”.

Don’t think this was written with no emotion. I shed some tears writing this to you.

You made me seem so unbearable, but you claim to have loved me truly.

I never wanted anyone else but you, and I mean that truly.

If only we could go back, I would’ve done things differently if that means you would have had a backbone to be loyal, and defend me. If that meant that one person you played me for actually took the backseat.

Curious to know what’s embedded in your mind when it comes to me.

You use to share your feelings,and thoughts sometimes when we were in a happy place, but this isn’t an episode of happy days.

I’ll podcast my fears to the cloud if I could keep you from running live stream on me.-HonestlyFrank


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