Wanders of Wonder

wanders-of-wonderCome here take a seat.

I want you to face me when I say that I want you now.

Distance kept us away for far too long, and I can’t let this be anything less of finesse.

I needed you back then and you weren’t available. I’m so glad you could finally make the time.

I have a room prepared with steam and candle glows to highlight your favorite assets.

I took in all of your desires when I planned this out.

I need your help.

Don’t  close your eyes I need you to see this happening. If you blink you will miss everything. Tonight I own you, tonight every fantasy is going to come true.

Remember when..

Remember when you said you wanted me face down ass up, Remember when you requested those dirty things that makes me blush; so I swear you never said them.

I heard them all, and tonight you can borrow me; make sure you put me away when you’re finished.



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