Honest Moments Hurt

doveYou should see her now. You never paid attention to her.

She resembles you sometimes. Sad thing is you never made her smile.

What a heart of gold she has.


I watch her hold on to things that has no sentimental value, but that’s something you will never see.  I have watched her look at a phone that never rings with your name on it.

Why can’t you call, Why can’t you show up, Why can’t she depend on you?

I know she would give anything to have that bond, when you’re missing a part of her is missing.

Life’s the best teacher that comes with no reviews or hints.

She doesn’t know it in this very moment, but she’ll be fine.

One day you’re going to need her, and she won’t have the same desires for you anymore.

Often said time is of the essence; so what’s taking you so long to see that she’s your blessing?




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  1. Heavy Heart says:

    OMG this hits so close to home I had to share it with my Daughter as this is to the T about her, She Dab like OMG HonestlyFrank Hit it out the park…. I also sent this to her dad and of course he hasnt responded, But my daughter was like wow thanks mom for sending it to him but I dont think things will change. and she told me to Thank you so much as this was so her “YOU ROCK HONESTLYFRANK YOU ROCK AND THANK YOU”

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  2. Sharon Frank says:

    “Honestlyfrank, why are you so honest”, one might say. “Why not”, I will say. To say the truth it will set you free like the two trapped birds in the cage you wrote about further down in your blog. It’s something when you read someone else life stories and you think, ” does this person know me, have this person been a fly on my wall in some of her thoughts”. The answer is, Honestlyfrank you are meaning which means more than a few who has, is, and still dealing with a painful break up or hurtful relationship…but like your stair step love at first sight to your 22, 23 experiences you overcame them all like you will overcome this one. You wiill look back in life and say…”What the hell was I thinking” …now that’s a lesson learned!!!

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