Lie Liar

If you were wise, you would fix this.

But I guess common sense isn’t common.

People say you shouldn’t lie, but it seems like your lies are your temporary truths.

Tell the next how you love her when you lay her down. Tell her how she’s the best while it’s all going down. Seal your love for her with a kiss.

You can’t identify with truth. You loved  me. Were you just lying to me? You told me I was the best. Were you lying to me? 

Damn you moved on fast.  I guess people do change like the seasons, must say you live in the perfect place. Everything is big in Texas. 

I met you the big liar.-HonestlyFrank 


One Comment Add yours

  1. S. Frank says:

    Lol….a good one. I felt that one….and so did the one who wore the shoes.

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