No One Is Forgiven 



Grudges come from pain. I was asked when will I learn to forgive?

How can I forgive when there is a pattern here.

Do I forgive for me or them?

Them right okay; not today.

I need a whole bunch of apologies, but I have so many sorry excuses.

It’s been that way my whole life.

Why accept more when I can’t abandon the ones I have now?

I forgive myself for thinking anything less of who I am intended to be.

I forgive myself for giving others the power to control me.

I forgive myself for not feeling worthy of love;commitment.

I forgive myself for lashing out on others when I should’ve just walked away.

I forgive myself for being in disbelief that my life will change for the better after this.

I forgive no one other than me.



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  1. S. Frank says:

    Real talk!!!!

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