Finished Bridges

bridgesDo me a favor and don’t reach out anymore.

We’ve climaxed over peaks, we’ve done the calm before the storms.

Get over it, I’ve been building my bridge, and I must say it’s turning out quite nice.

I realized I never needed your hands to build, all these splinters and bruises didn’t even stop me.

You fell through the cracks on your own.

I was willing to break in half just to attempt to save you.

I guarantee you’ll see your decision is your downfall as it was before. What can you do with a person like you?

You have to sometimes let people hit a brick wall until they get tired of getting the same concussion.

Do me a favor don’t reach out anymore.

I want no parts of you my bridge is almost done, and I must say it’s looking quite nice.

I built it on my own.



One Comment Add yours

  1. larhonda says:

    take pride in your bridge and admire it’s beauty. remember all the hard work you put into it and don’t let anyone tear it down it must stand as a,landmark and testament of who you are. I love it baby girl.


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