The whole time that you were speaking I wanted to kiss you.

Only if you knew I wish your clothes were see through.

Damn my minds blown.

Temptation is a bitch.

You got it baby, and baby I want it.

Don’t be modest.

Tell me your dirty little secrets, I promise I’ll keep them.

I blinked for all of 2 seconds, and I saw just about every face I would make.

I blinked for 3 seconds, and I saw every position we would be in.

Don’t be modest.

I’m a free spirit with a rebel heart.

Follow my lead now.

I’m going to come on to you and sit on your lap. My hands will touch your face gently as I call you “Daddy”. I’ll slide my body down your genital area to undo my heels. I need you to unzip me. You’ll spin me to face you….

Temptation is a BITCH!




One Comment Add yours

  1. S. Frank says:

    Now that one, caught my attention…because it seemed like the words jumped off the page creating an illusion of reality. Another one of my likes!!!👍


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