T.A.B (All Night Long)

Baby must feel special.
All night long. 

That was our song. 

Now you want to be a family. You, Mary Lou, and Tammy. What a complete whammy.

When you called that hoe everything under the sun apparently.

She was throwing that ass back on every guy insight everytime you took flight.

You like being with someone who can’t add to your ambition with no absolute mission.

All night long. 

Trade your broken wings for hers.

All night long was always about her that is so absurd.

You’re pathetic you settled, and I didn’t even have to mettle.

You claim we can’t be together, but you want to be friends, 

You’re right I could never be pathetic so we could never be together. And there’s no way that you could ever be a friend.

Complications, Complicates. Having this tortures a that, as a matter of fact.

He always got these fucking excuses.

I prayed that prayer for so long thank you God for revealing what his truth is. 

All night long worked like a charm, we played it in the midst of a storm.

I guess when you can’t do better, you accept lesser.

Please attack me, please have a show and tell, and attempt to send me to jail do it all. I’ll never fail, but I’m sure that’ll be your comeback.

I’m not afraid, I’ve been nice, I’ve been morally loyal, and I have maintained for the sake of peace and self growth.

I burned the bridge that you keep wanting to tip toe on. As requested I got gone. 

Forget your feelings, you were never willing.

I hope she screws you in many ways than one. Like maybe an std, or killing you in your sleep with her riding a guy in the next room, while the little one is in need. 

I’m glad you aim to please a sleeze. Take her to Paris, I’ll see you there.

I hope when you fuck it’s the worst, that’s right you told me it was. 

You’re great at pretending I see why Harvard wanted you that’s a fucking art.

I guess somewhere down the line I lost my smarts.  Thinking it was the truth in those puppy dog eyes;damn those lies.

Thank you for being a stepping stone to me knowing what people were telling me all along I could do better, and my worth is beyond measures.

I got you.

I’ll seal this with a kiss on the forehead to dismiss.

If you’re guessing you’re right this poem is all about you, but it won’t last all night long, because you never did last long. -HonestlyFrank 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. S. Frank says:

    🎯 Bullseye!!! In my opinion, this one gets an 🏆 because while reading…I actually visualized you shouting out your deepest feelings. Moving your head and acting out with your hands, spilling out the secrets that no one supposed to know. In the end my vision of you shed a few tears, but these were tears of joy. Joy now, but hurt at one point. Glad God showed you the vision of true colors 🌈 like a beautiful 🌈 without no end. This poem straight up devines the true HonestlyFrank, and when the shoe fits…and you receive a call…my reply will not be hello, but “Truth Hurts, and nice life…Busta!!! I give this one 💯!!! Life teaches us things, it is when the lesson learned will later make you successful!!!


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