Redwood Views


Plant this seed of the unknowing.

What will I become?

My roots are often underestimated due to size. How dare you judge me? You don’t even know me. 

I aspire to be something great; did you know I will be something unmeasured someday?

I am connected underneath to others like me that you fail to see.

Bonded together I am stronger than you, and what seems to appeal to you.

I will remain in any kind of weather. As for you the one who seems to believe I am less of great you will potentially fail. However as I continue to prevail I hope you  experience mercy through your misery.

Remember success takes time and it takes more than you. Bond to positivity, bond to encouragement, bond to fearlessness for these things make you strong. Reaching full potential is hardly mentioned, because it is shown, and that is simply the unknown.- HonestlyFrank 


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