digressI needed what you claim you needed from me.

Took me by surprise when you finally reached out to me. You denied me for so long, and turned around as if nothings wrong.

I thought you were coming to be open and honest, but what did I find lies your highness.

Things I will never get back you stole, and with the slightest remorse someone’s on the other line at night calling my baby; baby.

Every reason you gave compares to the one you’re loving now. I have a reason to regret, ignore, and to move through life without you.

I have a million love ones seeking closure for me; while I continue to be oblivious that I need it.

Silly rabbit tricks are for kids, remember this wasn’t a game to us. I heard her, I saw the picture, and I knew from a sit down, to the attention you gave her throughout a disagreement.

I even saw it the day you let that bitch in my home. I should have cast a million of stones.

But I digress.-HonestlyFrank



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  1. larhonda says:

    I love it!!!


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