soulingThe complete window to my soul I suppose.

Speeding on the freeway with the sunroof down, and the vibes of souling.

This is a little composing.

I can’t help but to notice the significance in this moment.

The waning moon sitting way up there with a beautiful cloud overlay.

I doubt this could ever be erased. The breeze that matched the moment was taking it’s way of re-birthing me into the heavens above.

As my outer body ascends my thoughts are pondering with chills.

When did I lose me? Maybe many moons ago. I am waning while I am waiting floating away with dead weight. 

There’s only one in this moment. The way it should be I believe. 

I went home to you for a moment thinking it all would be so clear as the way I saw the night sky. 

Memories of those moments have way too many components to digest in a one time soul transit.

I will never feel this way again, I will never be in hopes like this again,and I will never soar with the same wings again.

I comprehend why the moon changes phases. You phase through life only to become whole as a full moon would…

Exalt Me.- HonestlyFrank




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