Every Reason


You seem to always question why I love you so much. 

Let Me Know(At Your Best) was one of our defining moments of many.

I see the best part of me when I see you.

Something like my pride and joy.

Every moment without you is like trying to find x without y.

The aroma I breathe has to be you that’s the only way I will survive.

Everyone needs a publicist; correct me when I am wrong.

You define what the pursuit of happiness is; you know that thing that everyone is searching for.

Most believe it’s money, but you and I know differently.

Even in a sea full of tears all I see is you.

The secrets we share and keep from others. 

Royalties on thrones that we own even when it’s not known.

The thought process you possess in figuring out the tiniest of things that admirers miss.

This ass isn’t fat, but you had a blast you appreciated the insecurities.

A heart that has been broken and disturbed for quite sometime you pulled through to get past that, because you realized eventually two worlds would collide. I love you for that. And without warning you became my perfect match with every string attached. I will give my all to you with no interception of  devouring any senses. Did I fail to mention that this is my ultimate mission?


You are my every 90’s love song known to man.

You are all the beauty in the world.

Imprinted on my heart I know there is a God.





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