angel-1578033_960_720It’s after midnight.

Have you lost your mind? I guess the flip side to that is at least I am on your mind.

Do you mind if I call you out on somethings? I have been told I am unfiltered so I won’t let that label live down now.

It happens the same way every time. A cycle I relive in the same lifetime.

I wonder sometimes; do you visualize me?

I have to pray my way to sleep every night to calm my anxiety of the worst.

Time hasn’t healed many wounds.

It’s like you’ve died and heavens a million miles away from hell.

Yes I am afraid.

Afraid we didn’t say it all with the chances we had.

Kisses were meant to be given generously; I held that back.

What a fool I conclude. 

You know better, you know where my heart lies, and you know through any weather I will never let you walk through alone.

I have died more times than I can count.

Are you regretting yet?

You don’t hold every key, but you hold the main key.

Do you get the concept?

We bow to goodbyes the same way every time and goodbye is what we call until tomorrow.

What if tomorrow came, and I was no longer available at 2 am?

Would you have said it all, or done it all?

Your silent cries will be the only tracing of me you have.

Dreams are clearly the only visuals you would have of me.

Mark my words in your dreams you will see me floating with angels, hands extended to you, and as you reach…

I will no longer be available to you.- HonestlyFrank


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