Unknown to Known

unkown-to-knownI blocked you and erased all the memories out of my everyday access. Thinking that would keep me from reaching out and wondering what we could’ve really been.

It worked for awhile.

You reached out once with the ID saying unknown, comical it is that I knew it was you all along.

That unknown title jitters my heart just about every-time as someone overdosing on caffeine would feel.

Interesting how knowing the unknown is suitable to save face to the world.

Soon they’ll find out what I have been hiding in my phone. Memories of those days and those loser ways that made me smile when nothing made sense..

This is something I’ll regret to reflect.

I’ll always pick up even when it’s unknown.

I’ve known it was you all along.

You have gotten too comfortable on the other end, and this has become too much of a one sided ordeal. That’s exactly how you make me feel.

Unknown to known.

I know exactly what I have known all along.- HonestlyFrank


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