notebookI am Allie and you are Noah.

And you turned out to be my all time Casanova.

Running to you arms in the pouring rain you can’t tell the difference from my tears or the raining clouds.

I don’t have to say a word and you kiss me until every passionate moment is relived.

Just tell me what you want and I will do that for you; Noah meant it.

You’re so diminished; wait let me finish.

Far from an insult, but what I mean why consult the world when we are the world that matters.

That’s your problem you don’t do what you want. I should be more than a flaunt.

Noah to Allie; Allie to Noah you are the one for me with me totally being sober.

Dancing in streets and rooms with the world at out feet.

They hate what we have, because although it’s flawed it’s the purest of loves definition.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,and endures all things .

I will bear the insanity with you, I will believe in all that you stand for, I hope all of your dreams soar, I will endure the unknown, because you are all that I know.

Vows are made as promises.

Allie asked do you think in another life I could’ve been a bird? Do you think our love is a miracle?

Noah replies if you are a bird I am a bird , and our love is whatever we want it to be.

I need that from you; to see me through. I am frustrated with all the illusions and confusion, but there’s something holding me from reality.

Casualties of love is the story we’re painting.-HonestlyFrank


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