changesI laid me down to slumber, but my mind continued to wonder.

I laid down for hours with my eyes closed and my mind functioning with all these scenarios.

I prayed to the God above before bed so at one point I was at peace. Now all these devilish thoughts are coming to mind. 

I am anchored to my faith so I know this is no mistake. I have hope for centuries to come you passed me up once I doubt you’ll do it again.

I am setting myself up to cry; that has to be a lie. 

It’s 2 am and I haven’t started dreaming in color since I laid down.

No rest I am an all nighter with the heart of a fighter.

Tossing and turning all night fighting the negativity the devil is whispering.

God is victory and I will have victory when the sun rises.

God I asked you to change the woman that laid down to rest, and allow me to wake up different.

You did just that.

The sun came out and the woman that laid down restless has awakened well rested.

The vision is clear and my faith and destiny is near.



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