consequentlyMy life high’s and lows got me locked up on a sentence.

I have been penalized for wanting too much and being born to the wrong class.

Deserving more than most, but I end up being the one hoaxed.

The undeserving always win.

Life isn’t a game, funny how it’s always a competition.

Handcuffed to the laws of society, please have merciful pity on me.

Exposed for every nasty discriminating being that you are.

Lose facts and the compositions of  in-political missions far from traditions.

Detention for my thoughts to come to many bonds of releases. I owe you for this incarceration. 

Too often we sign on dotted lines ignoring all the warning signs.

Pen down inks to smear as a result of being pinned down.

The saddest cases can’t get a result of change.

Be your own lawyer, lie until you make it and justify it by saying it was defense of self-worth.- HonestlyFrank


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  1. larhonda says:

    I have been in this place before , definitely relatable.

    Liked by 1 person

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