Hoes To Hoses

hoes-to-hosesNever took you for being weak.

Treated you like a God with me bowing at your feet.

Out of my character going extra miles thinking you were worthy.

Forced to do great, thinking if I showed you greatness you wouldn’t make a mistake.

You’ve made so many and yet again you’re making another.

Don’t take it personal, but you’re coming off as weak.

What you’re doing isn’t noble in actuality it’s a sad case of self hate.

Get it together.

Quit attempting to force things together.

Sacred things like that can’t be forced.

It will never work you do know that right?

Safe to say you don’t.

Everything I gave and shared, only to be left compared, and treated as less than .

Someone has amnesia.

We sat at a table for hours, where you ridiculed characters.

A profound statement of how there is no point of return, so many times after you claimed to have learned your lesson.

Lies sweet as honey.

Make room for more bees in your hive of stupidity.

I could love you for the rest of my life, if you weren’t ….

So damn gullible to making hoes housewives. -HonestlyFrank


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