I Choose Me

i-choose-meIt’s contradicting to be aware and unaware at the same time.

I stood in the middle of a room with all eyes on me not knowing what all the others could see.

Something so petty meant the world to me.

I couldn’t find the strength to let it go, because letting it go meant letting you go.

How foolish could I really be, no one else is supposed to matter that much but me.

I know this is a loss and I have to cut, burn, and destroy bridges, but wouldn’t that make me a quitter?

Go figures that you would take all the easy ways out, and treat me as if I said and did things wrong.

I am in love with someone else now, because you pushed me harder than anyone in my past life has.

I repeat the same patterns with the same outcomes, and each time takes a lot out of me, and others get to walk away with different parts of me.

I close my eyes to hold back tears, and in my head I tell myself ” I have to love me more”.

I have to choose me, I can’t let every situation or person make me see me the way that they see me.

Looking at who’ve I become in the mirror, I broke  it with my hand to accept I am broken and in need of self-healing.

This is my mission now and unfortunately you will realize when it’s all too late that you really had someone great.

As my faith in you dies, the faith in me rises. – HonestlyFrank


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