Kings of Kings


Internally sick and I am in disbelief that there is a cure for this.

Every hiccup you seem to have a solution, and it’s becoming so confusing.

I don’t understand how you do it?

I am starting to wonder if you’re just about everything my heartbeat ever wanted.

Spare me the foolishness and the impersonation. 

God lay me down to sleep I pray this is not an impostor in love with me.

The fakes must be exposed, but I can’t fall for another and no one is there to break my fall.

A breath of fresh air you are when you reach for me someone other than me finally wants me.

Every belief I state you are open minded with no complaint.

I know how things like this go, but you’ve passed my deadline now on to the next.

Pardon me for counting you out before I have to count you out. I prepare for the downfall beforehand thinking it will ease the pain once I fall.

I salute a man like you for coming at a time like this,  while i’m in a place like this, hoping for everything but this.

Opportunity for greatness that I need to experience.-HonestlyFrank


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