I Don’t Allow

i-dont-allowPeople want to sometimes flatter themselves by thinking they control your emotions.

Truth be told you aren’t doing anything that I am not letting you do.

People like to point fingers and play the blame game.

What a waste of time.

Skipping stones of losses I took when no one cared to look.

Keep your sorry’s I don’t need them I have my own reasons for it being displeasing.

It took me awhile to get where I am for me to say you gets no credit for making me feel this way.

Running through this forest of life on my own terms, and that is correct I am leaving no trail for you to follow.

When I was once a child a bad feeling took over my heart when someone said they weren’t my friend.

These days I don’t give a damn if we ever speak again.

I have evolved into a monster on my own terms I will devour anything or one who wants to claim victory of my pain.

Nightmares of people walking away are now my fantasy’s.

I am not angry,

I just don’t want to be controlled by bullshit.-HonestlyFrank


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