No Point In Being Good

no-point-in-being-goodGrow up a respectable woman they said.

Make sure your posture is correct, and make sure you have beauty and brains.Make sure you maintain grace in all that you do.

No man wants a hoe, like the saying goes you can’t turn no hoe into a housewife.

If you follow the good girl to woman laws a perfect gentleman will come find you, and make an honest woman out of you.

You know the things only a woman can do that man can’t.

Be a wife, and bear children. Somehow I followed the rules, and I get the short end of the stick. 

I’ve made so many mistakes trying to follow all the rules. I am admired for my looks and my intelligence so why can’t the perfect gentleman see me?

Why can’t he see I am worth being a wife and the mother of his children. I am only good enough to be treated like a lady, but not to be made into his honest woman. 

I think I get it, not quite sure, but I think you are saying it’s time for a good girl to go bad.-HonestlyFrank


One Comment Add yours

  1. larhonda says:

    love it definitely can relate. ( the questions of life)


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