Behold The Crown


I almost dropped my gold essence of myself.

My morals are expected to be nonexistent.

Showing everything but my inner flesh, because that’s what sells.

No voice, because that would mean I withhold just a little too much intelligence.

I work hard so I play hard, and you look at me with every ounce of disregard.

You almost had me.

I almost agreed to me being worthless. I almost believed every label you as enemies could put on me.

Little do you know I come from a long history line of royalties so pay me royalties for my words.

I was caged in negative clause until I saw my mug shot being developed.

I noticed my crown,my worth, and my morals.

Everything you assume of me is politically incorrect.

I’m the type of person to give you hope, and believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself, but please don’t believe I don’t go harder for myself.

You’re staring at a queen in the making and a goddess of destiny.-HonestlyFrank


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