Cruising For You

5171009517One of the phases of the moon shined above us. As he pulled my body close to his to hug our souls goodbye the breeze spoke differently.

Goodbyes spoken from our lips were like razors creating slits.

Eyes stayed locked with fear behind brown eye colors wanting the other to decode what’s really being said. Needing the other to make the first move to blame the hurt instead.

The walls cried for us and we didn’t know it, but we felt it as we took turns pressed up against it.

Every goodbye really meant I want you to stay. I need you to stay.

The breeze as I walked to see you off held me tight to say it will be alright. One of the sweetest hugs I have ever felt.

Just when you were almost gone something told you this was home, but you being you wanting to make excuses out of the fear of the unknown.

You swear you think this is best and someone else can take your place under this night sky and moon with wind blowing spiritually through our souls.

You must be crazy all night long will eventually save us. It has to it somehow made us.

This is our version of events on a porch with lemonades we’ll tell our story to generations to come about how our armies of one cold-played out fires.

Don’t go too far, and don’t love another too deep.

Hold my heart it’s sacredly yours to keep.

I’m cruising for no one but you.-HonestlyFrank



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    two thumbs up


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