No Time

no-timeShe had so much to say, but it was never the right time.

So close I feel as though it all could’ve been mine.

Let’s justify this time in my heart as an accidental beat.

I’ve been flat lined for months now, and the only thing supporting my life is my memories.

I have not one reflex to react to whatever’s suppose to be happening next.

No need to open the blinds I can’t see sunlight, all my hopes appear in the dark.

Somewhere along the lines of loss vision I can only feel what could possibly be before me.

When I go and my time is officially gone; how will you remember me?
Please remember the great things about me, and understand my flaws were bad habits that I didn’t have enough time to break.

She had so much to say, but you never gave her enough time.- HonestlyFrank


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Delralyn says:

    Nice Cedes!


  2. larhonda says:

    I can relate to these words and feelings


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