What You Want



Angry black woman I am titled, because I stand for something instead of falling for everything. 

How dare I? No. How dare you?

What an insult for you to limit my opinions to one damn emotion.

If me having sense to not believe…

Lies from these guys.

Society confinements of beauty.

Excuse my shape, I thought coke bottles were a drink.

Pardon my manners for not stripping down taking a sailing way out to deep ends of laziness, because I rather work for mine.

I fear for my life when I as a woman can get thrown to the ground just as what you may call a nigga.

This is far from religious, but damn sure pretentious.

Had a few lovers say to me with no hesitation one or two things

You are so damn complicated; because I have standards.

You always want things your way or no way; because I know what I want.

If me not being the dumbfounded girl you left me for makes me angry well you’re fucking right..

I am an angry black woman.-HonestlyFrank



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