And the clock starts now.

Holding my breath full of hopes and too many should’ve, would’ve, could’ve-s. 

Failing to realize that I am holding my breath only to die. 

Laying in a bed full of memories watching ceiling fans spin with tears falling from my eyes.

Is there no one interested in saving me before its way too late?

I can never give myself to another, and that’s becoming scarier as the days go on. Becoming more prone to the idea of being alone.

Every so often I check the clock 1 am turns to 2 am; blood-shot eyes from the strain.

In the morning I hope to be sane.

This is becoming insane and the person I knew is completely estranged. 

This isn’t fair, but life isn’t fair so I’ve been told. No one could ever tell me why.

I want to sleep for once without dreaming and wake up with all that has happened with no meaning. 

This is my season, the one next was the season, and the one after that would’ve been the reason.

I regret to inform you that I’m drowning under dark waters; held my breath in hopes that someone would save me.

Turns out I held my breath only to die.-HonestlyFrank


One Comment Add yours

  1. larhonda says:

    dark, but everyone feels this way at some point in life. thank God when you can find the strength within to continue on and strive successfully in life and find true happiness.


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