Sky Rise

sky-riseThis is what I see

Sky rise buildings everywhere Houston Downtown views

Glass windows no such thing as curtains

Turn every single light on forget what Teddy Pendergrass talking about.

The world needs an inspiration like ours so let them watch.

I have just enough on for you to take off; the moon just so happens to be full we’ll let that be our spotlight for this show.

Hands and legs every where hard to tell which body part is which just what I needed to feel.

Something about this appeal of yours, just about every lick puts an arch in back.

We haven’t made sounds this loud since the day we were born; let’s call this our rebirth as  siamese twins that’s how close we are.

The glass is our ceiling; I’m loving this view of every part of you.

Now we have an audience showtime keep going until we breakthrough the glass to free fall I never want to hit the ground so the only place to go from here is up.

Climax it is.-HonestlyFrank



One Comment Add yours

  1. larhonda says:

    I can just say oh my!


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