This Is This

thisThis has made me weak.

This has made me question.

This has broken me inside and out and I just can’t seem to figure it out.

All I ask for is to wake up one morning and never remember that I was mourning.

This is a soul that’s one of a kind, let me back track and rewind.

Where did all the emotions go, better yet where did I go.

This is my whirlwind this life is my whirlpool.

This is so sarcastic in a diplomatic type of way pretty much on the scopes of contradicting.

This is what this has become, this is what I have became.

Straying away from reality consistently.

Wendy meeting Peter Pan in Neverland.

This is my declaration to forever young, and free.

This is the impeachment of you and some.

This is my story and this battle has been won.-HonestlyFrank



One Comment Add yours

  1. karhonda says:

    I have been in this place before


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