Bleeding Peace



Starting to believe that you live for this shit.

Sea-sawing on all these emotions when I’m up you’re down and when  you’re up you try to keep me down.

I’m swinging by strings of hope, learning to accept the things that I can’t change cleared the lump in my throat.

I swallowed my pride way too much, believing that’s what would make a difference.

Lights flickering in a bathroom leading me to a mirror.

I see all these pieces of me reflecting back at me on bended knee I kneel to pick me up.

I’m bleeding by grabbing each piece, but I know eventually this will bring me peace.

It took me a moment to realize you’re not penicillin, but in fact the toxic clorox that I can die from if I continue to inhale.

The victim I played for awhile I suppose,everyone wants to cry wolf at some point in life when the odds are against them; thank you for pinching me to wake up and face reality that I am not a victim.

To be a victim is to give you the power over me.

I am wiser now, I am in love with myself now, I refuse to depend on another to fulfill my purpose here, and I am worthy of someone’s love.

So it’s not that I am not worthy of being love it’s just not all the time people like you are worthy of having my love.

I am not bitter, in fact I don’t even hate you. Yet and still I find you to be the biggest blessing of all.

You shattered me for me to put me back together the way that I wanted to see me. -HonestlyFrank


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