Fill Me To Feel Me

3611009361.JPGHow do you expect to feel me without filling me.

Stop assuming you know what I feel like.

Feel the inner me the me that climax over breezes in palm trees.

My imagination is a gift and a curse; this will never be a fairy-tale with pink skies.

I have beauty in a beast I can’t let rest.

Call me crazy but this is the balance of humanity.

Feel me before you’re so quick to fail me.

Treasure what you can touch; I’m known for letting my mind and body drift far away at the same time.

Fill me when you can’t feel me.

Send messages in bottles, since I am drinking and thinking on liquid courage.

I wander in places that are unknown; I wonder if you fear the unknown.

The perfect game of clue, in candylands of skies in blue that blew me in a place I feel like I knew.

Once upon a time it was me in places of curiosity, constantly changing with the seasons.

When I’m Summer burning hot; feel me and cool me as if you owe me.

When I’m Spring  blossom with the new person I am becoming; you could love me.

When I’m Fall carry me to places I once knew.

When I’m Winter warm my heart with the sweetest things I will never forget due to you.

Feel me.-HonestlyFrank



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  1. larhonda says:

    I feel you

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