Surprise Imprint


landscape-670696_1280I don’t know where this will lead, but you have shown me so much already; and I’m willing to hold my breath for you since it seems you’ll be here for me before the world goes pitch black.

When we’re on the final days and in the final moments I want a series of images to flow through your mind.

That time we kissed for the first time the feeling of a million butterflies wanting to escape.

Leaving our cocoons behind that moment you caressed my curls as if you’ve never witnessed spirals forming.

Acknowledge every single time random questions came to mind, and your smile went from ear to ear with me only being me.

In the end the final countdown should be us being explosive with physicality. I want to imprint all over you. Remember us in the after life. We’ll be anything you want us to be.

Whatever you are is what I am, I trust you.

Clear minded when I say this; you got it all to yourself.

They made a mistake leaving me behind so I thought, but now I see they were buying you time to be the one I could finally run through a garden with leading to a house on the lake that we will call home.

I’m holding my breath, and closing my eyes this will be such a surprise. -HonestlyFrank


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