Jokes On Me

jokes-on-meI have this plan in my head.

It’s all going to happen when I say so.

This is how it’s going to go.

I’m going to look like an angel in your eyes.

I will be undeniably everything you have prayed for.

You’re going to make me smile as bright as sunflowers catching a ton of sun.

You’re going to like everything I don’t even see in myself; how cool is that?

I’m going to give you this look one day, and in that very second you’ll know I am meant to be with you until death do us part.

This is all going to happen each time I open and close my eyes playing peek a boo .

Tag you’re it.

You’re going to kneel and say the words I have been anticipating from the moment you said I’m going to marry you one day.

Hold up this is too sudden; pause.

I’ve been asked before and he lied to my soul.


This time you’re the one that means it; that’s correct this is my plan.

We say I do, and end up having a kid or two with no blues.

Do you hear what I hear? It’s such a loud chuckle.

Who’s been listening in on my plan, and what is so funny?

They say tell God your plans if you want to make him laugh.

Well damn I’m hilarious.-HonestlyFrank


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