Soul In A Mate

meditation-338446_1280In love with no heart to love with.

Feeling guilty like a child who said a bad word.

A flesh with no warmth inside.

Hoping you sense something is wrong every time a tear hits the floor.

Soul-mates there’s more than one soul mate.

I tend to believe even when I’m in disbelief.

Candy won’t give my blood a sugar rush.

Poking fingers reading numbers in the triple digits.

Amazed that I haven’t went into a coma.

I would rather be there sometimes in a coma.

What is love when you can’t love the one you’re with, because deep down you know it’s a misfit?

What is love when all your dreams and goals die with it?

Where is your soul mate since you don’t have one it’s safe to say this was never fate. – HonestlyFrank



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  1. larhonda says:

    this hit home

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