tic-tac-toe-1777880_1280Man how do you jump like that?

Man on the moon you have perfected your craft.

Loyal to the game no curiosity if you will ever change.

Admirers from afar and only a few in your kaleidoscope view.

You’re running laps around my heart. Never heard a heartbeat so loud.

Criss Crossing through infatuation. I tend to forget this is your game.

You are a liar you leave everyone open, and this show is all about you.

You jump from woman to woman; bed to bed, and sometimes breast to breast when you need somewhere to rest your head.

Overlaying and jump shots as if you’re making moves with integrity.

What you do is a skill most wish they could have like Jordan in ’95.

You’re a classic you’ll probably never go out of style.

You drop style on a Saturday knowing it’ll cause a disarray.

Man how do you jump like that?

From heart to heart claiming injury at the first foul of someone doing you wrong.

There’s no need for a half time show; you have definitely proven to be the clown.

Jump man you can’t call a rebound on my heart.-HonestlyFrank



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