Souled On

face-1247955_1280Courage is to stand before you bare with nothing hiding.

Ridiculed for things that I have no options of changing.

Told to be like this, that, or another.

I am not my brother’s keeper in the hours he whimpers.

Pastel colors splashing over my dreams I see them still, but this reminds me of when I was little and my grandma let me dye eggs creating art on something that would only eventually crack.

I don’t say to you what my biggest fears are; so I stand in courage knowing this won’t be where I fall.

If I speak it long enough, and yell it loud enough I too will believe I am fearless.

Do I not appear faint to you?

My dreams softly spoken, as Shakespeare has risen to tell me there’s light yonder window breaks.

I failed to hear him loud and clear, until my time was near.

I can’t stay still, I can’t be silent, and I can’t ignore that this is all I have ever wanted.

Take me as I am, and I will give all that I can.

My dreams that I am souled on.-HonestlyFrank


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