There are things that I don’t understand.

Things never go as planned.

If you live and you learn do you get a second turn? 

Concepts of tags and you are its.

Those are the things I don’t get.

Passive aggressive just because I’m never it.

How could I lose it when I never had it?

The glitter is my gold until rust taints, and something is in my sight.

Easily distracted by what looks nice assuming this is the life.

I have never been it.

That’s something I just don’t get.

Pictures painted of me as being the ugliest image ever seen.

That’s definitely not me I must intervene.

I mean I can be when fuels of my inner monsters and fears ignites. 

Those are a few things I don’t get.

On bended knee  exchanging emotions with me, and then there’s no emotions or honoring involved. 

I don’t get it.

Clearly not the same, but it’s too familiar as if you are them, and them met you before. 

I don’t get how am I the one.

That’s something I don’t get.

The one doesn’t exist it’s a matter of the right one.

Now that’s something I can get.-HonestlyFrank



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  1. larhonda says:

    loved it!

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