Barbie Imagination

little-girlI’m still a little girl.

I use to have innocence and played with dolls with a creative imagination.

It was Barbie, Ken, and our imaginary children with a mansion full of rooms.

My favorite color is pink, and cotton candy is the sweetest treat.

All my play dates came with ease.

Things were taken from my innocence too early.

Thieves in the night robbed things God gave me to one day be a woman.

If I speak of such things I am wrong who believes a little girl who has imaginations of stories.

I am looking for you to be my Ken in a happy world where there is no harm of cuts and bruises.

I won’t say things to you when I’m stand offish with my head to the ground.

I can’t look you in the eye in fear you think I will speak a lie.

I am still a little girl.

I want things my way.

I can’t seem to compromise well, because I was once the only child even when I wasn’t the only child, my fight for life was my own.

I am a little girl who needs to be acknowledged.

That little girl is worthy of love to the moon and back.

That little girl is worthy of believing, and honesty from someone with great intentions.

In this little girls life in those Barbie mansion rooms things weren’t as perfect as they seemed.

Lies, torture, loneliness, neglect, and abandonment happened in each room.

People like them left me when Barbie’s dream house became a bloody Nightmare on Elm Street.

This is my truth.

I am still a little girl.



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  1. larhonda says:

    so sad


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