woman-768702_1280A child only understands mommy and daddy.

A child doesn’t understand the meaning of  happiness.

She grew into a woman that had feelings and just wanted to be happy.

Watching people settle for idiotic reasons, but when you settle for the wrong reasons what do you gain?

Learning that being in love means nothing spider webs growing around a heart that had so much to give and was stuck to love the wrong one.

Asking what is love?

The response given is the reason I left.

I loved you enough to not taint your image of what love is.

Love is pure, Love is kind, Love is not forced, Love is not boastful. Love is not misery.

If we would have stayed you wouldn’t have been happy.

You would have never seen love close.

We did this for you, and now look at you.

Someone who knows worth, someone who will never settle for anything less, and someone who follows their heart at any cost.

As a smile creased the corners of her face she said…

I am happy.-HonestlyFrank


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