Promise To Break Your Promise

pinky-swear-329329__480.jpgI make promises and I keep them.

I hate disappointment as the devil hates a blessing.

Once my  pinky wraps around yours I’m holding on for dear life.

Call me naive but I’d like to believe you mean everything you say to me.

I’m laying in beds looking for stability and security, and that comes off as needy with t-shirts ripped off.

Tell me that you are not going anywhere, you’ll be here when I awake like the first peak of sun.

Once your bee gets caught in this honey you’ll tell me you’re not like the rest.

Eyes rolling in my mind since that statement starts the countdown to broken promises.

Smiles turn into tears, talking turns into silence, and my heart turns to stone.

The promise to never walk away turns into us standing on opposite sides of doors.

The only time we promised we’d be that way was on our wedding day when we do the pregame talk.

You broke your promise.-HonestlyFrank


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  1. larhonda says:

    no one likes broken promises

    Liked by 1 person

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