Anchored Heart

background-1621062_1280I wasn’t ready on a day you jumped in deep waters to save me.

I needed more time to come to terms with my emotions.

Like waves they flow, I’m floating with the motions of what should be feelings.

I can’t get caught in the tidal wave of lies.

You saw me sinking and you came to save me, and I didn’t want to be saved until I was no longer seen.

I caught a glimpse of the ocean floor, diversity, and no one to bother.

I imagine what it would be like under there with no you; would I really be blue?

I don’t want you to save me.

My heart is on that ocean floor and if drowning to get it is my answer; let me drown and know you were once loved.

I can’t let you save me when I know my heart is my life.-HonestlyFrank



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