The Odds

man-794514_1280You don’t even know what this means to me.

Everything I have loved has broken me.

When I think pain has neglected me it ends up finding me.

Trapped in misery tones ranging from low to high.

The emotions are the images I am afraid to see upon faces.

Running to safe places while my heart is racing.

This isn’t what I prayed for this isn’t what I needed.

I have been rolling dice and landing on ones and two’s  as if there is only me and you.

There is a world out there that I want to see there is a lifestyle out there that I need the world to see.

I can be in a happy place glowing with a smiling face where pain and fear does not exist.

If I get another shot I won’t miss, but the odds are true.

Pain I won’t miss.-HonestlyFrank


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